Sunday, 3 May 2015

We are mouse hunters

Discovering that you have a mouse in the house is like finding out you've been lied to.

It starts with finding a few droppings. Then you notice food nibbles. All out panic ensues, and you order pizza for three nights in a row because what is safe anymore? One night an entire mouse trap disappears, so things get real and you move the oven. A giant gap between the wall and the floor that leads into a large cabinet makes you question every moment you've ever spent in the kitchen and whether you were doing the grapevine with mice or maybe you were just tripping over your own feet.

We have since anchored our traps with string and thumbtacks. One by one we are taking back our kitchen.


  1. This really made me laugh! We had discovered we had mice living in our house during the winter. It was exactly like you described! Our whole kitchen had been disinfected so many times! I think we caught a total of 6 mice in our house till we found where they were coming from. It was horrible!! Hope you get them all!

    1. Six! You brave soul! We've only had one so least we think. Hard to tell when traps disappear! Still working with our landlord to get the giant hole closed up.