Friday, 9 May 2014

What to do with all those wedding cards

I know some people are attached to the wedding cards they've received, but I'm not. I saved a few in my journal and the rest went in a shoebox. I wasn't sure what to do with them. It seemed so wasteful to throw them all away, but I didn't want to save them in a cutesie little booklet that I knew I would never look at again either. Then I came up with an idea: reuse.

Wedding cards are expensive, especially when you add the cost to the gift you've already bought for those being happily wed. I'm a saver over here, and while I like to celebrate and give gifts to people for their wedding, I always hate getting a card. Cards are not worth the money to me, so reusing our old ones was my perfect solution. I went through the shoebox and separated all the cards into what could be reused and what could be thrown out.

The ideal reusable cards are the ones with paper inserts. All you have to do is rip off the old insert, use that as a template to make a new one, glue the new insert in, and you have a revamped card. And if you really want to, you can save the original message written.

Original card

Former insert

New insert (I did not take the time to write or type all that
was included in the original card because that's just too much work for me.)

I have saved us at least $100 in weddings to come by reusing our cards. When there's a wedding coming up, I select a card, insert a check or put the card in the gift bag, and call it a day. No extra cost to me. I love it, and it's so easy to take an afternoon and get them done in a jiffy.

So if you've still got your wedding cards collecting dust, put them to work for you! You'll clear out some storage space and save a few bucks. Win-win.

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